Asking Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit in Prayer Group the other night, what His Will was.

Answer was Shine.

From imperfect, broken state, open, asking,  humbled in sackcloth & ashes, Shine Christ’s Presence to others.

Shine Christ.

Malachi 3:14   …walking mournfully before Yahweh Sabaoth ….

John 8:12   “I am the light of the world;  anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark;  they will have the light of life.”

Ephesians 5:13-14 …. anything exposed by the light will be illuminated and anything illuminated turns into light. …. . Christ will shine on you.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Jude, Saint Anne, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.