Christ and I Love You.

Christ and I Love all People.

During morning prayers under the stars, tweaking my centering word from Holy and Holier, it came to me to add in Wholly.  In addition to seeking to be holier so as to better host Christ’s Holy Spirit, The Advocate by being more humble, hearing, helping, healing, happy, and halting evil, it’s good to endeavor to be wholly so.  Centering words are the words used to try and quiet and calm the chattering and wandering mind during the listening portion of prayer which is what I try to start with.  I start with listening prayer and then move to prayers of petition for the needs of others and then go to reading The Word of God.  I should do more prayers of thanksgiving during the petition prayers.

I Love You & all People and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, your Guardian Angel, Saint Therese Lisieux, Saint Raphael, Saint Joan, Saint Marc, and all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.