Christ and I Love You.

Last evening President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force announced that we have gotten to the back side of the surge of Corona Virus cases and so this week the governors will start announcing plans to reopen the country.  This is phenomenally good news.  The opening will be staged and based on how each area of the country is doing as measured by a variety of metrics.  This has been a very challenging 6 weeks or so and is truly a war effort.  All indications are that this virus was designed in a CCP lab in Wuhan and that it is meant to do lots of lung lining damage and be highly infectious creating overwhelming surges.  So this was an attack on the world effectively that was let out by accident or on purpose from the lab. 

I have been overwhelmed with how well President Trump has, at lightning speed, assembled such a cooperative team to wage and win this biological war.  All the various scientists, manufacturers, tech companies, health care specialists, governors, and all of our citizens have been engaged to oar in and help. 

We did it.  Yay.

Of course we didn’t save everyone, but we are going to loose far fewer than 2.2 million which was the high side prediction.  We also are going to loose far fewer than the low side prediction with mitigation.

This is such a huge relief.  My wife had many similar symptoms last September and almost died.  To have such a compromise to one’s lung lining and to be gasping and grasping for air is horrid.  Seeing the cases lessening and all of the phenomenal cooperation is awesome.

Lots of work to still do.

Thank you all for doing your part.

We will build back.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan, Saint Raphael, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.