I love you and so does Holy Spirit, our Breath, Jesus, our Brother, and God, our Father.

Jesus asks us to be and live like children and to be reborn baptized in the Power of Holy Spirit.

Children are always marveling at the Love of God for them as they continue with each breath, glance, and movement to discover the gorgeousness of Creation.

If we be our inner child and continue to discover the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus for us and be overwhelmed with this and grow this and share this with others each day, now that is Lavishing Spectacular Love.

The love of pre-puberty which we can still access in our reborn being is way more fun than the world’s misplaced concept of love as copulation.

Copulation within the bounds of the marriage of a man and a woman is of course per God’s Will and beautiful.

The over myopic focus on it as a separate entity disconnected from creating and raising children takes up ton of mind space while only occurring in the .000001% of our time here.  Of course in the disconnected and irresponsible version this warped version leads to poverty, violence, abuse, addiction, manipulation, and bad power plays.

So much better to bask in the glow of Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus and at 100% of our time here be able to fully engage in Real Love of LLJJ and be Open & Asking, Joyful & Cheerful, & Build Each Other Up.

Attended Theology of the Body DVD course by Christopher West at Saint Katherine Drexel in Alton, New Hampshire last night and learned of more along these lines.  Good stuff.

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Anne, Saint Adrian, Saint Joan, Saint Jerome, Saint Benedict, Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint John, Saint Paul, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.