Woke this morning after very busy night refreshed. Thanked Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit for feeling so refreshed and started praising them in quiet sing song.  I pondered in wonder at the gorgeousness creation and it’s current unfolding in front of me, within me, within others, and with all.  I try to look and wonder as a child at this gorgeous milieu we are immersed with.  It is amazing how these awesome resources, people, have such capabilities and potential.  Same for all plants, animals, birds, mountains, oceans, and the “big ocean,” a starry dark night.  Christ asks us to be as children in wonder, kindness, and joy. 

I have worked out of the house for 27 years so as to be able to be caregiver to my wife as she has worked through an incredible recovery journey from severe childhood trauma that has covered both emotional and physiological galaxies.  The good professionals helping her on this journey are amazed at how well she has navigated this fire swamp and they are also amazed that she is alive at all given the awful morass endured.

Yesterday we had a nice time sailing our Hobie Cat off the beach.  I’ve been sailing catamarans off the small portion of Hampton Beach on the Seabrook side of the Hampton River since the 1970’s.  Our family beach home a few months ago with my parents now both in heaven and the deal was that we could enjoy the home one last summer.  The house here has been an incredible blessing from God and place to be awed by the glories of our Creator and Creation.  We can see all of the boat traffic coming and going, the Isles of Shoals, Boars Head, Cape Anne and are adjacent a ever growing lush sea grass dune.  Sunlight on the water, moonlight on the water, waves, rocks, seals, whales, sand, crickets, rose hip bushes, and the salty air have made for an incredible blessing with instant relaxation and sleepiness while being overwhelmed with awe. 

As with loosing anything cherished, the trick is to recognize the person, place, or item as a gift from our Creator in this incredible ever unfolding and flourishing ongoing Creation of Creation.  And so the real root beauty of all created is our Creator Christ.  Our Creator Christ is a gift, not a possession.  We are gifted the Creator Christ at all times, locations, and situations.  Our Creator Christ is the Most Most Best Gift and Beauty and the root and reason for all other beauty.  This love for us is the only thing we can truly know.  All else is a mystery.  All of science which we falsely feel so self sufficient with is merely calibration and quantification and formulas for what the Maker Made.

Erin so enjoyed the first leg of sailing the Hobie Cat yesterday.  We typically sail South to Salisbury, Massachusetts and the Merrimack River mouth near Newburyport.  With the Westerly wind being a bit NorthWesterly we headed North instead.  It was fun to do something out of the norm and to see the first house I designed from the water along with the many homes that we used to drive by on the way up the coast road and admire all our lives.  Erin loves to go fast in the Hobie Cat and we were cranking along to her joy.  We had arranged to pick up a fellow adaptive sports volunteer from Lakes Region Adaptive who lives at Seabrook Beach at 2:30.  Unfortunately, the relaunch after snapping him up was not so smooth and Erin, who has Addison’s, had an adrenal crisis so we had to quickly turn back to the beach and get her stabilized.

Erin opted to stay with our friend’s wife on the beach and so of I went with Mike.  We had a shorter but equally fast fast sail.  It was fun catching up with Mike about their life.  It was also helpful for me to talk about the last year which has seen me not being able to work for most of it due to the intensity of Erin’s health care needs hitting a crescendo low.  Things have been a little delicate since the cortisol low at that launch.  We were up much of the night unsure if we should go to the emergency room.  We were able to keep things calm enough that that ER trip was dodged.  That is awesome because Erin’s case is so complicated, most acute care situations require a lot of intense negotiations to keep Erin’s long term, unusual, successful protocols respected and in place during the acute care.

Mike grew up lifeguarding at Hampton Beach and had a Hobie Cat in college days.  He knows how much we will miss this phenomenal gift of a beach house and corner lot where the river meets the ocean.  I shared with him that I have been mostly successful with keeping to the appreciative side for this incredible gift to our family from Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.  Sure there have been some blue holes and I of course miss my mother and father who were at the helm for it’s creation.  Fiercely loving and fierce lovers of Christ, my parents shared Christ vibrantly.  I miss that gift too.  Best though to honor my parents and all of the blessings we have been showered with at this beach house by sharing and shining Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit, the root of all with all.

Jesus, God and Holy Spirit are the Most Most Beauteous, and they are with us and in us all always.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, your Guardian Angel, Saint Francis, Saint Joan, Saint Marc, Saint Anne, along with all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.