Christ and I love you.

Christ and I love all people.

The corner of creation that is each and every person is connected to this incredible, gorgeous, net positive, spectacular, awesome, overall creation.  We are intensely loved and closely accompanied with each breath, step, thought, action, and heartbeat.  This dot among dots that we live on, our earth, is but a spec among all the dots out there.  And we a spec on this spec are known, cherished, loved, wanted, and vital to the overall tapestry of people and creation. 

It is easy and ongoing to get clenched up, fearful, distraught, despairing, and curling with the sideways happenings and details on our dot with people not attuning to our Loving Creator and following his will. 

Better by far to unfurl and receive that cascading like Niagra Falls Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus that is thundering over us, welling up within us, and gushing up by us, and washing through us from the left and right and front and back.

When open and receiving and unfurled and flourishing, we can then foster the same in others and send ripples, waves, and tsunamis of good rolling out in a happy riot careening through creation.

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Saint Elizabeth of The Trinity and Saint John of the Cross, your guardian angel, all the holy angels, and all the holy saints.