I love you and so does God our Father, Jesus, our Brother, and Holy Spirit our Breath.

James 3:17 & 18   … the wisdom that comes down from above is essentially something pure;  it also makes for peace, and is kindly, and considerate;  it is full of compassion and shows itself by doing good, nor is there any trace of partiality or hypocrisy in it. ..

During some fun banter with a doctor during my wife’s recent 5 week hospital stay, the doc asked me what’s the meaning of life.  I think it is that we need to turn to the Word of God, which is the Immense and Overwhelming Love of Christ for us along with the God’s Guidance.  See the opening of both the Gospel of John and the First Letter of John for the mystery about the Word of God being Christ and Christ being the Word of God.  And of course that Christ loved us so much, that He was Willing to Die for us is the Greatest Love ever.  That Christ is Alive and Continues to Overwhelm us with Love with each breath, is very worth while discovering and is pretty good at bringing meaning to our lives.  All the Healings of people over the centuries that have occurred instantaneously while using the Name of Christ and so the Presence of Chirst further show us the Galactical Scale of Christ’s Love for each person.

All through the Old Testament we see how the people who turn to God may be tested, like Tobit and Tobias and Job, but in the end they are overwhelmed with Bounteous Overwhelming Overflowing Bright Shimmering Gushing Blessings.  And we see that those who turn from, ignore, and insult God are knocked down many pegs.

Turn to or turn away from The Most Amazing Love & God’s Guidance, that is the meaning of life.

Turn to or turn away from Christ, that is the meaning of life.

Turn to or turn away from The Most Amazing Love & God’s Guidance, Christ, that is the meaning of life.

Do we want to be OnVine or OffVine?

We people have a propensity for getting too full of ourselves and thinking we don’t need or want God and then getting gifts we assume we have a right to taken from us.  Then we realize we need God and the gifts are given back.

If we turn to God, although we can still be purified, corrected, and challenged, God rewards us more often and more long term.  It is the better choice as it leads to being happier eternally since we are helping the Dear Deity who Loves us so much as to make all of this Awesomeness and Whom we all have a major ache and soft spot in our heart for.

Turn to The Word of God.  That is the Gleaming of Life.

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Katherine Drexel, Saint Marc, Saint Cecilia, Saint George, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.