Here are some additional thoughts.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit.

Open & Asking.
Joyful & Cheerful.
Build Each Other Up.


Christ and I Love You. Christ and I Love all People. Christ has built us and one of the images of who we are and what we do is a flourishing fountain bubbling up with light, water, sound, fragrance, smiles, love, and joy. OnVine we can phenomenally fully flourish us...

Need You Heed You

Christ and I Love You. Christ and I Love all People. The Cliff Notes of the Old Testament is people realizing they need God and rising, then getting too full of themselves and thinking they don't need God and falling. If we can realize we need God and that He Loves us...

Lies Laden + Truth Lightens

Christ and I Love You. Christ and I Love all People. Christ and I Love all Creation. Lies are loads. Truth lightens and lights. I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Therse Lisieux, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint...

Holy Hosting Hearing Healing

Christ and I Love You. Christ and I Love All People. Christ and I Love All Creation. Holy is our God. Holy is Creation. Holy all People are as all host The Lord of Hosts, Jesus, The Christ, The Bright Star, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, who humbled Himself and...


Opening and optimally hosting Holy Spirit helps healing and happiness.

It is more fun, rewarding, empowering, enriching, enlivening, enabling, and incredible to corral the lusts of the body and optimally host Holy Spirit and help heal and help flourish People and Creation.

Christ Alive Alive in Christ

Chris is Alive in all People and more active as People are more open to and loving Christ.

All People are more alive as they are more open to and loving Christ.

Incredible Creation

Christ and I Love You. The Gorgeousness and Astounding Amazing Incredible Awe Abounding Net Positive Creation is far beyond what we can know. The only thing that we can know is that we are Loved by our Creator. All of our missteps, fumbles, problems, and evil is...

Host Christ

When we Love God back best by following God’s Guidance, we clean ourselves up enough to be a fun perch for Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit to want to shine in.

Jesus Loving

The cycle for wending our way to a fuller life is to open up to this Niagra Falls of a Torrent of Love, be overwhelmed, and then want to love Jesus back in a breathe in breathe out cycle ongoing forever.  We are guided to follow God’s Guidance as the means to Love God back.

Building Beauty & Brightness

Dear God, the Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and through the Power of Holy Spirit, I praise You, I honor You, and I glorify You, & I thank You for this beautiful Milieu wrapped around this earth that we dance in.  I pray you help us optimally be Building Beauty & Brightness in this Awesomeness.

Copulation Connection

I hope and pray to help people learn that it is way more fun to Light up with Christ and be ever more Lavished with the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus with each breath and to flourish and be a fountainhead of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus shining and shimmering for the world at all times, locations, and situations, smiling and glowing.

Gorgeous is Creation

Creation is so incredibly gorgeous and continues to unfold, grow, and flourish with fireworks of tinkling, glimmering, glowing, glistenings of LLJJ, the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.

Loved, Love, Loving.

The Love of Christ is Empowering, Enriching, Enlivening, Enabling, and Ever Available with Every Breath, with Every Person, with Every Situation, with every Location, with Every Time, with Every Situation

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