Christ & I Love You.

Shakespeare opines that “the question” is “To be, or not to be … ”  With all of the uncertainty, it is easy, normal, and understandable to “not be” and tune out in fear, fright, and being frozen.  My hope here is to share that opting “To Be” is optimal and offer some hints how to choose with the key point that by choosing “Be We” we do best for ourselves and all.

I love my father and mother, God rest their souls.  Totally awesome mom and dad they were.  Unconditional love always, faithful, faith sharing, faith active, care, concern, room, smiles, and unconditional love, always.  Dad had lots of quips.  “Courage!” was oft used.  We need courage now with so much in flux and that which we thought was solid turning to soup.  How to get this courage, faith, and smiles while in the crescendo of the C.19 challenge?

I don’t have all the answers, but I have The Answer: Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit, LLJJ, The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  Over these past years it has come to me that the only thing that I know is the incredible Love Affair that God has for each and every person.  Every thing else is a mystery.  As part of what I do know, I know that The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus is bigger than any bad or challenge.  I actually think that the message about the Garden of Eden is a message from God to all people to give it up, and forget about knowing anything other than God’s Love for you.  It is not about blaming women at all.  It is about you are all totally loved and God’s got this.

So I can’t tell you what’s going to happen or how it’s going to resolve.  But I can assure you that the Creator of all of Creation is still bigger than a detail portion of Creation wracked by C19 virus and that the Love of our Creator for all of Creation is constant and consistent and eternal.  I assert that the “All of Creation” the totality of Creation is awesome always.  Yes, there are scenes, situations, and points that are scary at least.  However, the overall collection of creation of this dot that us dots live on with all of the other dots spinning through space float through is beyond total understanding and immensely beautiful.

I think some of my experiences offers pertinent perspectives that may help.  Helping is my hope.

A cute bit with this that may help is that to think how much more powerful a computer is when online as a way of considering how much more powerful a person is when they are OnVine with the Creator of Creation, Christ Jesus.

A simple bit I ask for consideration is to do the 1 month, 6 month, 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year view out from here.  We are already seeing lessening of getting to the back of the curve in some countries hard hit by C.19.  Quite likely we will get to the other side and get back to the usual drill.  Being as kind and as confident as we can will help.  In fact I heard a clip by Jason Kuhn at this link that shared a method used by Navy Seals to keep anxiety low that entails helping others during crisis so as to lessen our anxiety.

As for my perspeciives, one is that I commenced working out of the house in 1992 out of necessity so as to be able to provide assistance to my wife with a tremendously complex health picture.  My first two weeks in business with three young kids had my wife in an out of state hospital.  I hung my shingle, I started my business, because I had to.  One of the things I learned over the years was that underneath companies, clients, checks, and businesses, the provider was Providence.  Working for yourself is one of the most faith building experiences one can do.  As a kid, God provided via the dual filters of my father’s employer and my parents.  After starting work, God provided through my employers.  Working for yourself, God provides through your customers and, in my case at least, the provision became quite variable.  Gone was the regularly timed and quantity paycheck.  Gone were the filters.  Eventually I just became aware in my heart that God was behind it.  When I was open to God and relied on God and was charitable for God, checks came in and work came in.  When I thought I really really really needed this check or job and began to focus too much on those, the mailbox was always empty and the contract did not get signed.  When I gave to church until it hurt and helped others with donations, work flowed.  Out of all of this, I really got the sense that all money is God’s.  So money & earnings came and went and I did not have control over the income but we were always provided for by Providence, by God.  I am hoping to share with you that with all of what you thought you knew about how you were being provided for being temporarily knocked about, that, without question, you will be provided for by The Provider.  I couldn’t lay my hands on it but there is a really cool verse that guides us in The Word of God that allows that although you can’t take money with you, you can take good works.  I also share this from the perspective of being on the board of White Horse Recovery  White Horse is a faith based addiction recovery and mental health provider.  I had been donating services to them for years and got drafted onto the board.  These years have been quite chaotic with not a lot of solid footing as we have sought to combat this major challenge.  We are making good progress but what we are up against is formidable.  Teaming with Christ is essential.

Our feeling of self worth is also taking a hit with so many unknowns and the flow of the feeling of accomplishments scattered.  So many things in the guidance of The Word of God is challenging.  One of the ones I think of is Romans 12:16 which I paste in below.  There we learn that we are all valued equally by our Creator and we are all to “never be condescending.”  The incredible beautiful tapestry that are the dots of all of us people draped across this beautiful dot that is our earth is way bigger than C.19.  We, Be We, Together we will ride out this wave.  Be.

Romans 12:16 Treat everyone with equal kindness; never be condescending but make real friends with the poor. …

Another perspective I share this from is from a crescendo down with my wife’s health scene early last Autumn that was quite akin to the breathing limitations of C.19.  She almost died from her acute lung condition last September.  I know C.19 is something quite well worth avoiding without any need of imagination.  All of this moving mountains is totally worth it.  I am all in on all of it.  I also share all of this from the perspective of knowing that there are some dark organizations of evil out there which can cause harm.  I also share this from the perspective of a hockey player still playing at 63, but not these few weeks of course.  One of the things I learned being a defenseman was to keep my eyes on the breastplate.  While all things dance and wave around trying to confuse me from the forward trying to go around, the breastplate will be where the forward goes.  For us now I recommend, looking for Christ and focusing on that incredible Love for you and everyone everyone while all of this unusual wave washes through.  And as a swimmer in the New Hampshire Atlantic which can be quite cold, I know that all waves wash through.  We’ll get there.  I also think of the cold cold water again.  I learned to swim in the Hampton River.  People often ask how does one get used to swimming in that temperature.  One of my main tricks is to just smile and go in slow.  One last thing on waves though.  I am seeing some people chomp at the bit with not interacting and citing that this is no worse than the flu.  From all I can find, this is a virus designed in a Chinese Military lab and it is specifically designed to arrive in a large wave so as to overwhelm a health care system and country.  The rejoinder that this is far less severe than the flu ignores the designed overwhelming swell achieved by extraordinary longevity of the virus just hanging around on surfaces.  Saying the flu is much worse than C.19 is like saying the 3 months of 1 foot waves at the seashore is worse than one 100 foot wave that wipes out buildings and neighborhoods.

James 1:2 My brothers, you will always have your trials but, when they come, try to treat them as a happy privilege.

A true story that is a bit funny I think is also instructive.  Someone I know when younger climbed a tree with a saw.  They then began cutting the branch they were sitting on but unfortunately it was the support side.  Someone else noticed the goof before something serious happened.  If we loop in with Christ and breath through this wave seeking to help others and dodge panic fright fear freeze and skip on harming each other, stocks, businesses, or other structures that we support each other with, we will land on our feet.  Another hockey drill was to see practice falling down and seeing how quickly you can get back up so as to avoid the opponent gloating over you.  If we stay together and team up, we will ride this best right side up.  #TeamTime

One other tidbit that just came to mind.  In the Book of Virtues, a collection of classic children’s stories edited by William Bennett, towards the end there are 8 pages or so with the story about Babe Ruth at the end of his life.  Babe was raised in a Catholic Orphanage and of course was not in close communion with Christ for most of his life.  With six months to go, one of his childhood friends came to Babe and put it to him that he’d be best to get back looped in with Christ.  Babe talks glowingly of one of the brothers from the orphanage that was massive and could have played for any pro team he wanted, but rather chose service to orphans.  A remarkable thing then happens.  Babe takes his friends advice, gets back with Christ, and then turns to the parents reading the stories to their kids.  Babe directs the parents to give your children the works.  Take them to church kicking and screaming so that when things get tough, they will have that to fall back on.  We can fall back to Christ.  After 9/11, the churches were packed.  Fore the next weeks, we have masses online.  At all times, places, and locations Christ is always there.  He is always here.  Right with you.  Right with you hear and right with you now.  Loving you and each person incredibly intensely with every breath.  Pause, it’s easy now.  We have to.  We are staying home.  Come home to Christ  Open.  Listen.  Learn.  Follow God’s Guidance.

Romans 8:28 We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him ….

I hope this may help you or yours.  Per my previous post, you know that I pray for you every day.

My prayer is that we choose “To Be” and find that teaming up with each other and “Being We” is the wow way to ride out this wave and all waves.  Remember we can still wave.


Be We.


I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Michael, Saint Raphael, Saint Joan, Saint Anne, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.