I love you and so does God our Father, Jesus, our Brother, and Holy Spirit, our Breath.

A couple of days ago, I journeyed to Private Equity Forum, a gathering of investors and start up companies in New York City.  The startups have concepts partially developed that will earn currency and the investors have currency available to lend in exchange for earning more currency with companies they find likely to flourish.

Yesterday I was talking with the staff at Alie Jewelers in Dover, New Hampshire as I picked up some rings that were repaired.  I wear both my wedding ring, a Clada, and a Celtic Cross Ring.  During our trip last March back home from my wife’s surgery in Arizona, we stopped at Glenwood Springs in Colorado and spent a lot of time in the mineral pool there.  Within a week both rings were broken.  They developed gaps in them and so I stowed them and due some other life details along with trying to find a bit of extra gold we had somewhere safe for repairing the rings, it took me a while to get the fix accomplished.  So nice to have the rings back and such a nice repair by Alie.

We got talking about other things occupying my time like architecture and being on the board of White Horse Recovery.  Talking about the overall addiction situation naturally followed and I shared that I find a direct relationship between New Hampshire being one of the states with the lowest church attendance and highest addiction rate to be related.  Our White Horse Shed Manager, Eric Moran, who is in recovery himself shared one time that getting a fix is like getting a warm hug.  Some people wind up not being able to manage addictive situations because they have not sought to fill the hollow hole with the Best Love, The Best Warm Hug, The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ.  Christ is the Correct Currency to plug in so as to provide the Liveliest of Life Currents flowing through us and enlivening, empowering, enriching, and flourishing us.  When we so fully realize how fondly we are loved, we gain a Great Addition to our lives enabling us to do more than we could ever imagine.  This Great Addition is, of course, lots of much better than addiction and so we are less prone to addiction and more able to recover from addiction when we have the Great Addition of Christ Currency plugged in.

The funny thing is that Christ is free and freeing.  One never has to pay anything anytime with Christ.  It is all voluntary.  Christ does ask us to contribute and I have found over the years that when I do give a lot, and to the point that it is a stretch, more work comes in.  God is the one providing in the end and provides more when we share back more for God’s Work.  Again, something I’ve witnessed over and over.

In all events the entry is easy, no cost required.  Come get Overwhelmingly Loved by Christ at a Catholic Church and gain a family.  Psalm 101 talks about building up family members with fellow parishioners.

A few months ago I was talking with someone about how funny it is to look back and see how stiles have changed.  We were looking at lots of family photos as part of selling a family home.  I have always enjoyed both looking at how different the clothing looks and how out of date and foreign.  I often also think of how amazing it is that The Word of God remains so current and relevant through the ages without no changes.

Father Cole, our pastor at Saint Katherine Drexel in Alton, New Hampshire, shared once that he is amazed how he hears from parishioners after Mass describe all the very different things they heard in the readings and the homily.  Somehow The Word of God is speaking to us relevantly from 2,000 plus years ago and to each saying different good, pertinent, helpful, heartfelt, messages.

Christ is Current, you see, and Christ is the Best Currency.

Happy All Saints Day!  My favorite feast day focuses on the multiplicity of all of us optimizing the gorgeous portion of the ongoing Creation of Creation that we are.  Open and Asking, Joyful and Cheerful, Building Each other Up, in Coperiority.  😉

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Alphonse, Saint Anne, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints