Christ & I Love you.

A couple of weekends ago, we had a men’s retreat at Saint Katherine Drexel Catholic Church in Alton, New Hampshire.  Father John from Saint Anselm’s lead this focus on praying in the Saint Benedict tradition.  There is a lot of listening and silence.  One of the things that was a key point made was that we have to realize how much we need God.  This struck a chord with me since my summary of the Old Testament is people realizing they need God and rising, then getting too full of themselves and thinking they don’t need God, and then falling.  Then realizing they need God again, and rising. And so the cycle goes, unless we learn more and more about The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  That will help you learn the trick to skip on doing things the hard way, and continuously ish know that you need God.

With the current worldwide impact of COVID-19 virus causing so many negatives, it is a time where we are drawn to God and it is easier to know that we need God.  In times of turmoil and so many unknowns, I am again realizing the other thing that I can reliably know, which is that God Loves each and every person created, IE each and every person.  There are so many things unknown and so many things thrown into flux that are not usually fluid.  It is vital in these times to realize you need God and graft on to The Vine and go OnVine with Jesus.  And so important to know that you are intensely loved by Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.  Then awash in this Love, we’ll see how we can best serve, help, and contribute to the ongoing Creation of Creation by being Open & Asking;  Joyful & Cheerful;  Build Each Other Up.

As for the virus bit, sure endeavor to limit the spread but at once remember that stress tanks your immune system.  You need your immune system, enjoy.  You need your immune system, have fun.  Know you are Loved and be overwhelmed with that to drive out fear and panic so as to keep your immune system ready and raring.  Eat well, exercise, laugh, pray, serve others, converse, play, sing, dance, work, and live.  I like chaga too.

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Katherine Drexel, Saint Anthony, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.