It’s been a pretty challenging year.  For 27 years I’ve worked in a home based architecture business so as to be able to support my wife with a host of challenging health challenges.  Over the past year, we have been to Ohio, Colorado, Kansas, and Arizona for specialists and I have been not able to do much architecture at all.  On labor day, a serious case of pneumonia cropped up that put her on very high quantities of oxygen, 

Lots of time over the last year looking at the edge of life and death.  My mother passed a year and a half ago, and my father passed 10 years ago.  A family vacation home just transitioned. 

Seeking with all of these shifts to look at the time we had as gifts and blessings from Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.  We don’t own any of this.  We are beneficiaries for a bit of time only. 

The loss is real and it is OK to feel the loss and the sadness and miss the person or place that has passed on.  Overarching and overwhelming this though is our Creator’s Love for each person.  From conceiving to creating to operating to completing, Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit Love us intensely and dearly.

I’ve been trying to connect Erin with the outside world.  Today planning to print out some pictures of herself and family and hang on the wall.  I’ve been asking to be able to get her outdoors with a portable oxygen unit but we are still a bit away from that.  We had our 38th anniversary dinner last Thursday in the hospital room.  Private dining!  For each of the 37 previous anniversaries, we want out to dinner on the anniversary date no matter what was going on.  Since we were already “out” from home, but not able to go to a restaurant, I brought the restaurant to the hospital with 25 dollars worth of electric candles and take out Turkish.  Erin spent some time in Turkey on a high school exchange and so loves that flavor.  Getting her some minor husband supplied back and foot rubs as well as sending pictures of flowers.  So awesome to be so close to the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  I get to daily mass when able.

Breathing is so fundamental to life.  To have breathing limited is quite scary for the person affected and those they know.  Long periods of time with this are draining.  We have a better appreciation for each breath and for life.

Every day is a gift and blessing.

Every breath is a gift and blessing.

Thank You Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.

I Love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, your Guardian Angel, all the holy angels, Saint Cyprian, Saint Louise, all the holy angels, and all the holy saints.