Kindling Conversation & Kindness I find fun and fruitful for all. I seek to keep it a top priority. Stating the obvious, the antithesis is afoot with foisting of fear, fright, fascism, so much faux, and falsehoods freezing us from friendly healthy conversation. So as to keep me from falling into the goal of our spiritual opponent, I try to state openly or keep in the back of my mind at the start and end of communications how it is that I am able to keep cheerful, joyful, kind, loving, and hopeful amidst the turbulence. I do get some push back from sharing this which helps me keep breathing deeply and smiling and endeavoring to help, amidst talking about challenging topics. I am though trying both to remain alight and most helpful and at once share how I am so in the event this assists others thaw, smile, take heart, and talk in healthy, fruitful, open, meandering conversations in the full spectrum of topics. Such conversations are mutually beneficial. Such conversations are beneficial for all. Of course this is a goal and sometimes I slip into being lost with anger. Apologies for these slips.

In all events I suggest all consider caring for the other person you are having a conversation with and seeking to relax that guard and explore together trusting with our common Creator we can continue to learn and grow helping each other together. I coined a word, ‘Coperior,’ to reflect this versus the over fixation these days on alpha dog and superior/inferior. Forgiving all all is really helpful too. It lightens the load. In hockey, there are always a handshakes and hugs after the really big competitions. Realize that people are all amazing, gorgeous, and assets cherished by our Creator and eternity is a long time and replays can loop lots.

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Your Guardian Angel, Saint Raphael, Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint Anthony, Saint Anne, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.