I love you and so does God our Holy Spirit, Jesus, our Brother, and God our Father.

Was out kneeling in the back yard saying prayers this morning again.  I am really starting to like this.  Sure sometimes at 4:30 or 5:00 when I start my praying I can get into some dialog about it being too much of a bother or too weird or too cold or there aren’t any stars to see.  Today I couldn’t see any stars out the window but when I was outside, there were a dozen or so not covered by clouds.  Kneeling and saying prayers and looking up at the big ocean of the gazillions of dots of stars, planets, and galaxies is so humbling and such good perspective.  Easily awed by the Creator and Creation and feeling the love of our Creator for us while kneeling and praying for the healing of others.  It’s really neat to feel this giant surfboard skimming through space beneath my needs.  I’ve shared before how sometimes for fun under the stars I’ll stand up on the “surfboard” of earth, bend my needs, hold out my hands for balance and “surf the earth.”  Our earth is such a nice dot!

A new add to the list is a mom who is on a farm nearby where we get our milk.  She had a difficult pregnancy for her second child and then had to have an emergency surgery a couple days after giving birth and now there is a complication from that surgery.  Also praying for a fellow parishioner who is a recent widow and is facing some major operations along with a young girl and an old girl both seeking kidneys.  Ongoing people of course like my wife and many others still there.  It is really fun and awing prayer habit, Me, a dot, kneeling on our dot, floating in space with all these gazillion other dots.  Thank you for loving me Creator God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!  Of course there are also lots of dots on our dot floating in space.  Dots of other people and animals and plants and blades of grass and . . ..

It’s listed under the “Also” tab and “Favorite Prayers” there, but here is the prayer that I start the day with.  I am now starting to say it a number of times and do a bit of a sing song with it.  I think it gladdens the heart of God:

“Through You with You and in You Lord Jesus Christ, God, & Holy Spirit and in Your Honor and in Your Glory and in Your Praise, I pray for physical healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing, and inner healing for everybody in the whole world who is, was, and will be.”

Proverbs 27:11  Learn to be wise, my son, and gladden my heart, that I may have an answer for the man who insults me.

It is so amazing that The Deity Delights in Dots, the shining, lighting, star dots, and all of us dots who have light in us too.  The Deity Delights particularly when we people dots follow God’s Guidance in The Word of God and Church Documents.  I am amazed by how all us dots were created and came to be and I will never fully know how this happened..  Understanding more and more how much I am and all of us are loved by the Great I Am.  That I can know.  The rest is a mystery as we learned in the Garden of Eden.

Kind of fun to think of us all as dots, earth, stars, person, planets.  All delighting in the joy of this gorgeous milieu and the milieu’s Maker along with the Milieu’s Maker’s Mad Love Affair with each of us.

I love you and so does Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Francis, Saint Joan, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.