About Anthony Dreux Fallon

Tony Fallon has been married to Erin Anne Fallon since 12 September 1981 and has three adult children. Tony is an architect and active member of the Catholic parish in Alton, New Hampshire, Saint Katherine Drexel. Tony was recruited to attend a Cursillo retreat and since then has sought to be more open to the Power of Holy Spirit per Acts 1:8. Tony enjoys hockey, cross country skiing, sailing, and helping Christ Optimize Christ’s Creation. Tony enjoys learning more about Christ’s Love for each and every person, Christ’s Will, and helping to cheerfully and joyfully shair the Good News of God’s Love Affair with People to the ends of the earth. Tony is also a board member of a faith based drug recovery resource, White Horse Recovery in Ossipee & North Conway, New Hampshire.

Growing up in a faith filled Catholic family in Butler, Pennsylvania after the first seven years of life in Cincinnati, Ohio, Tony attended Catholic grade school and Butler High followed by RPI in Troy, New York. In Butler, Tony was given a Protestant Bible by a fellow teen neighbor. Tony’s parents substituted a leather bound beautiful version of the 1966 Jerusalem Bible. In college, a friend recommended spending the first half hour of each day with 10 minutes of silence, 10 minutes of praying, and 10 minutes flipping through the Bible. Tony has found this routine to be quite helpful and found The Word of God so pertinent to things in life he was trying to navigate. Tony began writing some of the verses that jumped off the page oh so pertinent and typed them up for his father, Robert Anthony Fallon, the former president of the Catholic Club at Harvard. After his father’s passing, Tony typed up these favorite verses and posted them as his first post in a blog e manual, a play on words of Emmanuel and how The Bible is a manual for figuring out life.

Tony also worked during the Summers in High School at the family store at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. When his father retired from the corporate world early to run this store, Tony and Erin moved to New Hampshire.  They raised their family in Strafford and now live in Wolfeboro.