Christ and I Love You.

Christ and I Love all People.

Talking with friends after church again about how to counter the crescendo of evil.  I shared that we have the Ringer of Ringers who Created all of Creation and so obviously is the end winner.  Also shared that when drawing, in areas of the drawing where light meets dark one makes the darker darker and the lighter brighter.  Similarly, as things careen in this ongoing evil crescendo we remember that the only thing they have control of is our temporary temporal life.  We need to not bunker down and isolate and dive and curl in despair and despondency nor lash out in anger.

We neeeeeed to open more to the Ringer of Ringers, the Lord of Lords, the Good Bloke with the Good Yoke, Jesus, The Christ, of Nazareth and let Him lead us, light us, and dance with us through this oh so Gorgeous Creation.  We need to be more and more open to the Will of God, and Love of God, and the presence of God and flourish this Light, Love, and Joy and share this Light Love and Joy.

Small acts of Light Love and Joy with those we interface with lots of thanksgiving and celebration will ripple out and last eternally and Gladden God’s Heart.

By knowing we have the Good Bloke with the Good Yoke inside us helping, leading, guiding, and providing will make things easier, more fun, and more than we could ask or imagine.

Like plants and trees we are to be reaching up to receive and reaching up to grow all the while being washed in the riotous ridiculous phenomenal shimmering tinkling glistening glowing healing nourishing twinkling Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus washing over us, welling up within us, and gushing up around us and washing through us from the left and right and front and back.

Ecclesiasticus 39:12-15  Listen to me, devout children, and blossom like the rose that grows on the bank of a watercourse.  Give off a sweet smell like incense, flower like the lily, spread your fragrance abroad, sing a song of praise blessing the Lord for all his works.  Declare the greatness of his name, proclaim his praise with song and with lyre …..

Romans 8:28   We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love him …

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Saint Elizabeth of The Trinity, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Michael, and Saint Anthony, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.