Christ and I Love You.

Christ and I Love All People.


So much of the recommendations of those not aligned and alight with Christ are to build one up at the expense of others.  Alpha dog, protect your interests, survival of the fittest, and dog eat dog are some of the quips which whip us into a frenzy seeking to build ourselves up by pushing other people down.

Christ has a different approach.  Christ seeks for us to build others up as we build ourselves up.  Christ desires for us to build together and build light, build the person, and build Creation up with light, and beauty, and growth to the full potential of everyone.

I’ve coined at new word to describe this, ‘coperiority,’ and written about that elsewhere.  Versus striving for superiority where we seek to win over other people, with coperiority we can seek to further flourish both ourselves and at once flourish other people.

Ecclesiasticus 39:12-15  Listen to me, devout children, and blossom like the rose that grows on the bank of a watercourse.  Give off a sweet smell like incense, flower like the lily, spread your fragrance abroad, sing a song of praise blessing the Lord for all his works.  Declare the greatness of his name, proclaim his praise with song and with lyre ….

John 8 12   “I am the light of the world;  anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark;  he will have the light of life.”

Jesus asks to be open to His incoming Light, Love, and Joy for us and each person and then to try to follow His Guidance, His Will, His Commandments and build up His Light within us and enkindle growth of the light of life in all others we interface.

When we first come to Christ, following his commandments can seem daunting and, of course, we are never perfect.  James 3:2 talks about us doing the same thing wrong over and over again.  We can though, slowly move to align with God’s Will by developing good habits.  Ever so slowly we stop swearing and taking the name of The Lord in vain.  Eventually this is what we get used to doing and it is easier to do.  One day, swearing in anger feels foreign.  We build a wave of doing good and that buoys us and supports us with new scenes we navigate.

During this time of a crescendo of darkness, we need to build snowballs, ripples, and waves of light, of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.  As things grow darker, we need to latch to our mainline of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus ever more solidly and shine Jesus more brightly.  No matter no matter the feedback, assault, or reaction.  Alone in prayer and in prayer with others we need to kindle the Light of Christ in us and for sharing with others.

There is a natural tendency when a group of people get together for the conversation to drift towards ‘the world is going to hell in a hand basket’ and to compete to bring up the more discouraging news.  This tends to snuff out the light of life in each.  Better it be to sing and praise and dance and pray and encourage and read The Word of God and celebrate and build The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus when we gather to learn more about the Love of God.  The Love of God is really the only thing we can know.  Further to this point we know that God fiercely loves each and every person, each and every gorgeous creation that is a person in the milieu of this blow you away gorgeous Creation of Creation.  And God intensely wants to be in a full communion, rich relationship with each person.  And God desires us to love God back by following God’s Guidance, God’s Will laid out in The Bible and Church documents.   The rest is mystery.

There is a similar tendency of when we look at past heroes and saints to be so daunted by the story of their life that we dim and snuff our light a bit instead of building our light inspired by them.  Particularly with the saints that ‘taint the goal.  The saints and Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit Love us a lot and seek for their story to inspire us to build our Light of Christ in us brighter.

We all are so valued and so valuable in the Eyes and Heart of our Creator, Best Lover Ever, God.

Build Light!

Build Beautifully for the Beautiful One!

Christ and I Love You and so does God the Father, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, your guardian angel, Saint Therese Lisieux, Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint Marc, Saint Benedict, and all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saintss.