Christ & I Love You.

Colossians 1:12-13  …. the Father who has made it possible for you to join the saints and with them to inherit the light.  Because that is what He has done:  He has taken us out of the power of darkness….

Romans 12:16   Treat everyone with equal kindness;  never be condescending but make real friends with the poor.

Bright Unite.

Be Brightened.

Be Illuminated.

Be Breathing.

Be Building.

Be Open & Asking.  Be Joyful & Cheerful.  Be Building Each Other Up.

I say and remind myself when fear starts freezing me that the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus is bigger than any fear, fright, illness, might, violence, chaos, lies, deceptions, and evil, organized or otherwise.  It sinks in, then I alight with The Light of our Creator, calm, smile, and breathe deeply knowing I am OnVine with the Ringer of Ringers, the Creator of Creation, the Powerful One who invented power.

Deception is rampant at the moment and we are being attacked in an organized manner with faux fronts fancy & false.  It is difficult to defend and react to but the patterns are apparent.  It seems like the deep state is not liking light being shone on it and is fighting back in so many ways.

I have known the deep state has existed for a long time and have always pondered how to shine light on them.  I am happy for this time of shining light on and countering the deep state.  Count me in with this counter of an awful culture.  I thank President Trump for taking a run at countering the deep state.

Yes they do have power and do have organization and do have affect and are daunting and do have wins.

But all of Creation is founded on Light as we all came from light.  The Deep State Darkness dissolves on it’s own foundation.  Our being light hastens.

And yes, the big trick is to stay light as we counter the evil of the deep state.

Flashing out in fear and fright to counter chaos confusion and violence only builds evil and burdens both and builds evil.

Of course, we have to defend ourselves in certain situations.  Christ said that we must turn the other cheek but he didn’t say to play in traffic.

By and large though, we must follow the Mission Statement of Creator Christ laid out in Romans 12 and lash ourselves OnVine with The Bright, Unite with The Bright, Build Bright, Be Bright, know with surety the Ringer of all Ringers is within us and within all people, and seek to flourish optimally all people and all of creation.

Don’t be bottled in blind emotion nor bottle others to see them as non person.

I certainly am learning still though.

I kept seeing all of this stuff about globalism and Bill Gates and wondering why people were worried about some rich retired guy floating around on a yacht somewhere.  Ah, it would be so nice if his intentions and actions were as benign as I used to think.  I now say some prayers for Bill and have always had a spot in my daily prayer list for those of organized evil.

I only know the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus for each and every person.  Everything else is a mystery.

Some things I ponder though recently follow.

I don’t know, but it seems like to me that Judy Mikovits and the Plandemic Movie assertion that C19 was a created and planned assault on the world makes some sense.  That the movie keeps being disallowed to be found and viewed is a bit chilling and a bit deep state.  I do look forward to watching the whole thing and learning more.  That there are boatloads of tutorials about how to “educate” someone who might be so “misinformed” “misguided” as to consider the content of Plandemic Movie and to get them to comply with the deep state thought polices is chilling again.

I don’t know, but it seems like to me that the thought police are definitely afoot.  A friend who has compromised lungs and so is not permitted to wear face masks is harassed by paid harassers as he walks down the street in Phoenix.  Dr. Erikson and his partner, owners of the Accelerated Health Care chain based in Bakersfield, California, speak about different approaches to battling COVID and again the interview clips are clipped, hidden, and removed. 

I don’t know, but it seems like to me that Dr. Erikson and his partner made sense with focusing on building up our immunity and not wearing masks and not crushing our immunity by hiding in fear and fright. 

I don’t know, but it seems like to me that science, is an exploration, conversation, and ongoing winnowing as well as debate.  Why are people trying to claim that science is settled?  Why just because they say “science,” and claim their conclusions are the only ones science based, that their conclusions are surely superior.  Purely pompous and nonscientific but entertaining.

I don’t know, but it seems like to me that BLM is a deep state planned assault that is not helpful to African Americans in many ways.  For starters, there are many many African American police officers who have been killed or injured recently.  And I can’t get by the loss of retail resources in neighborhoods of people with limited means for getting around.  How is it beneficial for someone who can’t just hop in a car to have their grocery store, drug stores, and other stores destroyed?  Why buy pallets of pavers for this purpose?  I of course laud and love moving the bar forward towards not seeing people for anything other than people and cherished Creations of our Creator versus the divisional divides and derides.  I am all for peaceful demonstrations and pleadings.  But I do call to your attention that the deep state does have Nazi roots as does Bill Gates.  I ask you to consider this phrase, Black Lives Matter.  I am all aboard improving things for African Americans.  I find though that the creators of this phrase likely coined this as an awful ruse with the matter being the noun, not the verb.  The deep state and Nazi cats are much more into purifying the gene pool and supremacy which includes elimination of those of African decent.  Also, why not use African American instead of black?  Also why not use people instead of lives?  I think those who coined the phrase actually mean that African American People are not people and are just inanimate matter.  I also think that this ruse phrase is meant to divide and label and depersonalize and inflame and demean.  So please excuse me while I advocate for brightness, building, and flourishing of all people including especially African Americans with other words.

I am delighted with the progress we have made with breaking down barriers and labels and see people more as people sans labels.  I join in the call from many that there is still way too much room for improvement in how African Americans are seen sans labels and hope to help here always.

Beautify, Befriend, & Build or Break, Take, and Berate.

I choose the former.

I do find peace in that I believe, despite the seemingly polarization, we are all trying to make things better for people.  I find that the best route to providing the most and best for people is opening up to and relying on God, and seeing what we can each do each day which is so much more than we can imagine in a free market capitalist society rooted and founded on and relying on our Creator to keep us kind, honest, and sharing.  Lowering taxation and regulation, kindling the economy, and allowing things to flourish as they have done under Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump creates demand for people with real, awesome, intriguing, rewarding, growing, exciting jobs and careers.  This is far better than break, take, and berate which leads to the vanquish of Venezuela.  If you break and take and berate, there is no longer anything to share and demeans people to demanding the diminishing instead of being in demand and contributing to the overall flourishing.

We are all incredible and valuable threads in a phenomenal tapestry of the ongoing Creation of Creation.  Open up, be illuminated, befriend, and flourish.

All People Awesome.  All People Wanted.  All People Loved.

People are People are People and Much More than inanimate Matter.



Open and Asking.  Joyful and Cheerful.  Build Each Other Up.

James 2:1   My brothers, do not try to combine faith in Jesus Christ, our glorified Lord, with making distinctions between classes of people.

Christ wants us to know that the most amazing and valuable and rich part of people, portion of each person, is their being a cherished creation of our Creator with so many interwoven systems spinning in their life that are seen and unseen.  Christ Loves all and Calls us to Love All.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Raphael, Saint Therese Lisieux, Saint Augustine, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.