Christ and I Love You.

Christ and I Love All People.

The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit, LLJJ, that is showed, welling up in, and gushing up around each and every person is the greatest love ever.  LLJJ is empowering, enlivening, enriching, emboldening, effervescent, essential, vital, vibrant, most fun, available at all times, locations, situations, locations, and with each breath.  Opening up to LLJJ and Loving God in return by following God’s Guidance flourishes us fully.

Conversely the con of evil spirits and organized evil is at crux enslaving, addicting, impoverishing, violent, chaotic, abusive, sad, terrorizing, elusive, and a carrot on a stick/shell game empty clanging, hollow fraud.

I am being made aware more and more about the number of unwanted kids coming from irresponsible disconnected copulation and the terribly tragic state of adoption misuse and abuse.  The amount of money involved with adoption keeps tending things towards serious abuse including hundreds of thousands of dollars spent for naught and children trafficked, abused, and disappearing.

While a friend carries on the wonderful work of trying to rectify and clean this up, it is a monumental task.

My humble hope and prayer here is to try to sell people on falling more in love with real love that doesn’t lead to babies outside of sacred marriage.  I hope and pray to help people learn that it is way more fun to Light up with Christ and be ever more Lavished with the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus with each breath and to flourish and be a fountainhead of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus shining and shimmering for the world at all times, locations, and situations, smiling and glowing.  My humble hope and prayer is to connect the connection of copulation to creation of a person and so to keep copulation within the bounds of sacred marriage of a man and a woman,  Matthew 19:5-9 & 18, and so have children created land in Brightly Lit Lavished Love.  My humble hope and prayer is to have less unwanted children by selling people on the super duper superior superiority of the best love ever, the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit for each and every person which is always available and shareable, with each breath, beat of heart.  It is ever more awesome and ever more amazing while at once being the only thing we can really know.

Too many stories of kids eating out of trash cans, being sexually abused, being tortured, and disappearing.

Disconnected copulation is satan’s key tool of seduction.

Keep copulation connected to sacred marriage.

Keep conscious that copulation is connected to creating kids.

Copulation creates kids.

Keep copulation corralled to sacred marriage.

Keep copulation corralled to sacred copulation.

Keep all kids wanted.

Keep all kids loved.

Keep all kids safe.

Keep all kids cherished.

All are loved.

Help best.

Help best the beast.

Join the full fulfilling fun.

Join Joy.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan pf Arc, Saint Raphael, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.