Christ & I Love You.

Christ & I Love all People.

In the first part of my prayers this morning when I seek to listen to God and quiet the list of problems chatter I was taken again with how industrious trees are in reaching up to the light from the earth.  I find it good inspiration to recognize God’s property which entails my body, mind, and soul is beautiful and amazing as are all people and that our calling is to also reach to the light, and blossom, build, and bloom beauty amidst all of the things going other than optimally here on earth.  It is too easy to have the list of things going other than optimally worm it’s way into our core identity and soul as primary.  Focusing on, and being open to, the overwhelming Niagra Falls Waterfall Avalanche of the Light, Love, and Joy of God our Father, Jesus our Brother, and Holy Spirit our Breath for each of us, and then growing, flourishing, and sharing this beautiful beaming beauty, is very much what we are about.  It is what we are created for by our Loving Creator.

I Love You and all People and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with your Guardian Angel, Saint Joan, Saint Francis, all the Holy Saints, and all the Holy Angels.