Christ & I Love You.

Creation is Gorgeous, Awesome, & Net Positive.

Problems are Peripheral, Fleeting, & Surface.

All People are Loved, Cherished, & Awesome.

People don’t want to be divided and frozen in fear.

People are a Tinkling Teeming Team Tapestry draped across this Beautiful Horizon Glistening and Glowing and Breathing and Growing.

Our Creator, Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit, asks of us to Love back by following God’s Will.

I write here to share how I think we can flush fear and get back to being together.

1 I agree with America’s Front Line Doctors stance that the better way to care for others and prevent the spread of and cure people from the affliction of C19 is to use ionophores, zinc, and other vitamins. Better to take these preventatively and be able to talk, breathe, see, work, go to school, and gather to worship. than wearing damaging masks.  The America’s Front Line Doctor’s approach is more caring.  Here is a list of the vitamins we are taking along with a number of links including a Johns Hopkins doc who has a similar list he shares via video clips.  
a. The route of masking and not allowing businesses to operate and not allowing people to be with each other is leading to large increases in depression, addiction, and suicides. These are side effects are far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far worse than that which the masks are masquerading to cure us from. I am on the board of an addiction recovery and mental health resource, White Horse Recovery. These negative effects are real and present for the people we serve.
b OSHA has a very long list of things that employers are supposed to have employees fill out prior wearing masks.  There are 62 questions on this OSHA form that would cause an employee to see a doctor before wearing a mask. This shows the danger that masks are. Forcing everyone into masks without doing these screenings must stop.
c Twice in three weeks at church, I assisted people in serious crisis that obviously came from a lack of oxygen caused by masks. We need oxygen, obviously.
d Depth perception is hampered by masks. Walking, driving, carrying are much more dangerous due to a degradation of depth perception.
e On of my favorite movies is Hitched. Key line in there beyond all of the great laughs is that communication is 70% body language, 20% intonation, and 10% content. Masks are limiting all three categories and particularly the body language of the face which is so vital. 2 I agree with Judy Mikovits as shown on the full length Plandemic Movie We need to recognize this common enemy which is the deep state and deep six them, flush them, disable them, and dispose of them. Tough stuff but important to “Know thine enemy. President Trump is the best opportunity for pushing back against the deep state since President Kennedy.
3 See all people as an asset and part of the teeming, glistening, glowing, growing, flourishing gorgeous Tapestry of People with endless potential far beyond our imagination.
4 Go OnVine with Christ.
5 Be Open & Asking. Be Joyful & Cheerful. Build Each Other Up.
6 Forgive.
7 Build.
8 Smile.
9 Optimally help yourself by optimally assisting our Creator with the ongoing Creation of Creation loving our Creator by following our Creator’s Will.
10 Rest & Repeat.

Christ & I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Raphael, Saint Joan of Arc,  your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.