Christ and I Love You.

One way to sum up the Old Testament in The Bible is need.  People forget they need God, get too full of themselves, and then fall flat.  From the ground level view, they remember they need God, seek and are Granted forgiveness from our Merciful God and live with Him.  Then they get too full of themselves and the cycle goes on.

I was on a retreat a couple of months ago with a Benedictan Priest and he shared that one of the big things for our faith is to realize that we need Jesus.

One way to look at the New Testament is that God is With Us.  Jesus came and experienced life as a person and offers us the opportunity to skip the whole death thing and join joyfully in eternal life.  Jesus remains with each person now, he is with us as we breathe. 

The previous image of God up and away in the clouds has been swapped for Jesus, God, the Christ, being our “eldest of many brothers and sisters” Romans 8:28-29.

Also, in those verses from Paul’s letter to the Romans we see one of my favorites in The Jerusalem Bible, 1966.  We hear that “God co-operates with all those that love Him…”  I love the British means of saying cooperation, co-operate.  We get the idea of pilot and copilot.  Jesus and each of us, paired and teamed together.  With us here now.  Breathing.  Being.

Come Jesus.

Come Holy Spirit.

Come God our Father.

Let’s build up the sparkling, tinkling, glistening, glowing, tapestry of the ongoing Creation of Creation together joyfully.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Matthew, Saint Lucia, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.