Christ and I Love You.

Christ and I Love all People.

Pope Benedict was such a bright and clear light speaking clarity and truth prophetically and lovingly.  We was the moving prophet behind the brilliant Vatican II document as was shared by our parish priest in Alton, New Hampshire a few weeks ago.

We mourn Pope Benedict’s passing.  He loved us and served us fabulously.

I read a piece that was very complimentary to him but then started to go down the standard rabbit whole of the world is going to hell in a hand basket and what are we to do?  There was a litany of the items making up the crescendo careening about of those of organized and free forming evil followed by a hopeless gasp of whatever are we to do?  It was really with some very impressive intellectual gymnastics showing us how much they have thought carefully of this.

Count me out!

Good God!

People!  We win!  We have the Ringer of Ringers!  That’s right, you read it here first.  Jesus, the Nazarean, has another name to add to his list of so very many.  Light of Light.  Lord of Lord’s.  King of Kings.  Emmanuel.  Bright Stair.  Morning Star.  Son of Man.  Lamb of God.  Alpha & Omega.  The Christ.  And now, the Ringer of Ringers!

Yes of course evil is having quite the crescendo party.  No doubt.  No question.  No kidding.  No listing of the litany here though.  No drooping down to stair at my navel and snuff out my Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus.

Evil has no foundation, is all hollow, and is a flea on the elephant.  Evil can only control our life here on earth.  Evil is a limp wimp.  Evil is just a hologram, shiny and fake.

Our eternal life is so much longer and more important.  And the eternity that we can see, a starry night, always takes our breath away as we realize that Creation is Always at each location and moment, Net Positive, Net Gorgeous, Net Breathtaking, Net Phenomenal, Net Awe Provoking, and Net Beautiful.  That we are fumbling and bumbling around, partly due to some grumpy loser spirits deceiving and misleading, The Overall of Creation Remains Positive, Gorgeous, and Beautiful.

When artists are trained to draw, they are guided to draw the edges of light and dark with the light being lighter as the edge is approached and the dark being darker as the edge is approached.  It mimics how our eyes experience the world.

We need to do the same!  Please.

As it grows darker with the evil crescendo, please don’t bunker up, snuff out, turn turtle, and stare at your navel.

As it grows darker, Party with our Creator and shine Brighter with the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus and share The Good News more and more people, all people.  All people are wanted.

This is our time!

This is the best time for us to be alive!

We can host Christ more, share Christ more, and flourish us and others via Christ more.

Be Open and Asking.  Be Joyful and Cheerful.  Build each other up!

Flourish and foster sweet flourishing in others!

Ecclesiasticus 39:12-15

Listen to me, devout children, and blossom

like the rose that grows on the bank of a watercourse.

Give off a sweet smell like incense,

flower like the lily, spread your fragrance abroad,

sing a song of praise

blessing the Lord for all his works.

Declare the greatness of his name,

proclaim his praise

with song and with lyre …..

Be Brighter as it gets darker!

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Anthony of the Desert, Saint Theresa of Aliva, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.