I love you and so does Jesus our Brother, God our Father, and Holy Spirit our Breath.

Had a friend who was born Catholic and whose mother converted to Judaism and so was raised Jewish ask me about this whole Holy Ghost thing.  Quite the big topic!

I was recruited to go on a Cursillo retreat which is a Catholic retreat that focuses on the Holy Spirit many years ago in a really fun way.  After a meeting with Father Paul Montminy in Rochester going over some architectural work, he yelled at me from across the street and pretty far away, “Hey Tony, have you ever been on a Cursillo?”  I said I hadn’t.  Father Paul replied, “Good, you’re going!”

It was such a boon.  I was raised Catholic by lovely parents with deep faith.  Dad paced the hall outside our bedrooms saying the rosary many nights and we all gathered for night time prayers.  Lovely rote and lovely love of a real and deep faith is what I am so blessed to have grown up with.

My mom loved Latino stuff.  She spent time in Mexico City with one of her classmates one Summer and has a great story of driving down with no air conditioning in the car and her mother accompanying her for the drop off in full formal attire with hat the whole dusty way.  When mom flew back at the end of the summer, one of the prop engines failed and they had to do an emergency landing before getting to Cincinnati.  We heard lots and lots of Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass on our car rides growing up.

So I think mom would have loved the lively, colorful, joyful latino flavor of the Cursillo format.  There I learned that though Holy Spirit can move in hundreds of subtle ways and charisms, gifts of Holy Spirit where Holy Spirit guides us or acts through us, there are some powerful ways too.  So although Holy Spirit can help us figure out what car to buy or next task to do around the house next, Holy Spirit can also immediately and miraculously heal people today just as occurred 2,000 years ago.

I find getting up early and praying and praising helps me to hear and welcome Holy Spirit.  It’s kind of like riding a wave with the paddling to catch the wave being up when things are peaceful before the distractions start rolling in.  At this early hour starting the day I do little sing songs of praise, worship, and thanksgiving.  Also, of course, trying to live clean and keep thoughts happy, healthy, and holy.  Think of when you have guests come over.  You clean up the house.  When you are trying to host Holy Spirit and Brother Christ, it’s best to keep things clean.  And of course being in communion with the Church and Sacraments is something that attracts Holy Spirit.

Anyways I’ve got to get back to her and talk to her more about Holy Spirit.  Cursillo and a lively relationship with Holy Spirit has really changed my life for the positive.  It is a leap of faith and opening up to letting your life be run as opposed to trying so hard to control, or actually mislead ourselves to think we can control things on our own.

Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit Designed and continue to Orchestrate this Awesome Creation and it’s ongoing Creation of Creation.  Might as well go with the flow!

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Michael, Saint Joan, Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.