I love you and so does God our Father, Jesus, The Christ, our Brother, and Holy Spirit our Breath.

Said prayers on the kitchen deck again this morning.  It’s fun to get out there and get the change of air and hear all of the noises of the woods at night.  Some drips on the leaves were ongoing with a slight bit of rustle from occasional breaths of wind.  I’ve always loved star gazing but don’t really know any constellations outside of the big dipper.  I just love getting the perspective of how tiny the dot is that the earth we surf on is.  On those dark starry nights, I get a kick out of bending the knees and holding out my arms and surfing the earth through space.  Brings a grin every time!

It really is something though looking out through all of the stars.  And then when it gets really dark and low humidity with no moon and we can see the galaxies and milky way, I praise and thank and glorify our Creator, Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit and am awed by their magnificence and the incomprehensibility of our Creator’s Creation.

I do feel majorly loved at these moments that I have been blessed with time here in this milieu of gorgeousness that is sparkling spectacular at the galactic and microscopic scales and everything in between.

This morning I thought I might catch some stars during morning prayers and I did see a half dozen or so here and there.  The sunny forecast for today is for later in the day apparently.  This morning was the first time that I did prayers kneeling on the deck that was complete with a few sprinkles of rain landing on me which caused some blinking.

During bible roulette with the 1966 version of The Jerusalem Bible, my favorite by far, I came across Colossians 2:9-10:  In his body lives the fullness of divinity, and in him too you find your own fulfillment, in the one who is head of every Sovereignty and Power.

Christ best fills the hollow hole that we have.  Christ is the best battery to energize us bunnies.  I drift to thinking of Eric Moran, the manager of our Shed at White Horse Recovery where people can begin to learn of as well as solidify progress in recovery from addiction.  At a forum a few years ago right at the end Erin shared with those gathered that getting a fix is like getting a warm hug.  Unfortunately drugs for getting the warm hug or filling the hollow hole lasts but briefly.  Christ is the best way to fill the hollow hole, the best “fulfillment” as we read in Colossians 2:9-10.

I also came across Acts 26:22-23:  I was blessed with God’s help, and so I have stood firm to this day, testifying to great and small alike, saying nothing more than what the prophets and Moses himself said would happen:  that the Christ was to suffer and that, as the first to rise from the dead, he was to proclaim that light now shone for our people and for the pagans too.

The light in the darkness for the children of Israel and all people too.  Awesome!

And I also happened across 2 Peter 3:9:  … He is being patient with you all, wanting nobody to be lost and everybody be brought to change their ways.

I love the nobody lost bit, totally.  All people, as in all people, as in each and every person is cherished.  The sparklingly spectacular ongoing Creation of Creation is something you are part of and can assist with optimally when you change you ways to align with God’s Guidance and go OnVine with the Root of Jesse, Jesus, The Christ, The Light.  Christ wants you.  Christ doesn’t want to loose you.  Come on!  Glom on!

I love you and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Anne, Saint Marc, Saint Joan, Saint Peter, your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.