Optimizing the Opportunity for All.  A Positive Proactive Republican DNA.

A lot has been made of how Republicans are back on their heels and bad sales people.  Over the years of this blog there are a few lines of thinking that have come to me that might help share the Republican vision of optimizing the opportunity for all.  The foundation of this is recognition of the Designer of all DNA’s, God and the primacy of God we learn of in Psalm 97.  Based on this solid foundation, we seek to guide people to optimally recognize this underlying DNA and to optimally benefit from it while their heart beats and their lungs breathe.  We find that aligning with the DNA Maker, and following the code and plan of the DNA results in abundant bounty, rich life, and oodles of joy for all with winners and winners.  We recognize specifically James 2:1 and James 3:2 and so know that we all will always have things to improve on and we all are to reach out to all really and sincerely.

The gist of this is that we are like plants in the garden and flourish best well rooted with rich soil, sun, wind, and rain.  Plants don’t do so well out of the ground and we don’t do so well out of align with and unaware of God.

In other words, we find in the Bible that societies flourish with abundance for all while aligned with our Creator and fade when the people are too impressed with themselves and distance themselves misaligned with their Maker.  We have the same parameters and choice.  We are not above these ground rules and are better when grounded with God.

The other key point is that taxes and regulations are fine as long as there is something to tax and regulate which is assured by keeping the taxes and regulations reasonable.  If taxes and regulations are too heavy, there is nothing to tax and regulate.  Money does not come from the taxer.  Money comes from initiative, effort, work, trust, and confidence.

I hope it helps a little and will add things back to this post as more things come to mind.  I offer these in an open source manner without seeking any rights of copyright in the hopes of optimizing for all and helping the closing mission assigned in the closing of the Gospel of Matthew.  Please feel free to use in whole or in part freely for free to free.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Francis, Saint Therese Lisieux, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.  Hebrews 12:1.

Oxygen.  2008 brought us stimulus programs that the Democrats would love to keep doing forever.  “Enough of stimulus!  We need oxygen!”  The idea is to associate too much taxation and too much regulation with stifling breathing.  Further idea is to get the stimulus pads off of our chest and let us go & grow.  While money doesn’t grow on trees, money does grow out across our gorgeous horizon with people getting up each morning and giving it their best each day.  Removing the restrictions to breathing of swollen taxation and swollen regulation will help best.  Money shrinks from prints of baseless stimulus dollars.

Demand.  While Democrats long to see people marching around and demanding assistance, Republicans seek to kindle the economy via increased oxygen so as to have a demand for people to work in real jobs, rewarding jobs, exciting jobs, viable jobs, pertinent jobs, inspiring jobs, and well paying jobs.

Coperiority.  The essence of Christ, the Constitution, the spirit of the people of The United States of America is to optimally build up all for all with abundant bounty for all.  With kingdoms, it is about superiority and alpha dog blah blah and lording things over others.  We seek to build up the whole team from coast to coast and seek coperiority versus superiority.  Yes it is a new word that I coined.

States United.  Playing with the way that soccer teams are named, the name of The United States is reversed for a program to encourage the full, all in team approach for all citizens.  States United is a campaign to encourage both the purchase of stateside made goods and services as well as building up camaraderie for all citizens on States United.

Health Care.  The bit about using the current president’s name twinned with “care”  instead of ACA completely backfires every time said.  We both use his name which is a win for him and we literally say he cares which he does not, nor is the ACA caring anyways.  I was without health insurance for 4 months without knowing it last year due to the ineptitude of the Exchange.  More important than my story, I see a simple solution.  I think the correct solution is to pair guaranteed issue with tort reform.  If we get both parties to give in on these two topics, we can get health care into the background where it belongs and not be such a foreground topic.  People would not have to sweat the preexisting condition nightmares, doctors would be able to focus more on healing than on being hunted by lawyers, and prices would plummet.

People in Utero.  Personalizing the personhood of people in utero will help to make it less tenable to terminate them.  Referring to them as people in utero I think helps this.  “Belly Babies” is another way to refer to these people that might help.  Since we still have people yearning for Beanie Babies, maybe this tweak will help them yearn for people in utero too.  On a detail thing, when people focus on incidents of incest and rape, there is a study that shows that 80% of people in utero are kept in those incidences and that 80% of those who terminate the people in utero wish they hadn’t.  Mahkorn, “Pregnancy and Sexual Assault,” The Psychological Aspects of Abortion, eds. Mall & Watts, (Washington, D.C., University Publications of America, 1979) 55-69.

Marriage.  Most effective way to counter and correct the assault on The Word of God in Matthew 19:4-9 & 18 is to stake a claim for God of Intellectual Property along with the obvious First Amendment violation.  God deserves equal and better protection that we afford Coca Cola and Advil.  While we do not easily agree on religion, so far most people recognize it is not right to steal.  New Formula: New Name.  More:  God’ OS.

Love.  Not a standard campaign topic.  The misuse leads to so much bad including the previous topic along with violence, addiction, manipulation, and disease so I thought maybe worth a try to loop in.  Key thing is to share that our Creator Loves each and every person 24/7/365/every beat/every breath/whole life.  And that our Creator yearns for us to optimize reception by optimizing alignment with our Creator’s Guidelines and to then optimally grow our Creator’s Love in us and then to share our Creator’s Love with others.  Main thing is to help build up Healthy, Rooted, Love of God as part of campaign which enables, empowers, and frees.  Democrats will be in a dither over this.  😉  I came up with an acronym, LLJJ, Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus along these lines that might be of use.  I think for the most part, aligning with the founding documents use of “Creator” is best for most of the effort with occasional confessing Christ.

Sex.  Countering the efforts to change ones sex I think is best accomplished with referring to verses Matthew 19:4 and Deuteronomy 22:5.  I guess I really don’t have anything brilliant on this but find God clearly Guides us to not pursue switching sex at simple and serious levels.

Creator Call.   To me the mission statement that is most succinct is Romans 12:1-21.  In all of our efforts we need to remain selling the Love of God to each person we interact with since that is our primary purpose.  Anger has no place and no contribution in our lives.  We hope people ask how we can remain so kind amidst all.  James 1:19-25