Within we have the best of best.

World wants us to go to or do

to obtain thing of value.

World wants us to reach for the carrot

we never get and look under the shells

for the prize never found.

We, each and every person,

are an amazingly amazing,

gorgeous & intricate

creation and child

of our Creator God.

And, at once while being everywhere,

Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit are within us

and want to flourish, grow, and spread

with each of us flourishing and growing too.

We have the perkiest

Fuel Cell ever.

We need to interact with people and multiply and share The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus.

We do not need people in abusive and manipulative stances trying to get us to reach for something they say will make us whole that they never quite let us reach.

Everything you touch, smell, and see is at it’s root an amazing creation.

Pondering the wonder we are wrapped in helps us feel

The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit,