The Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus,

God, and The Holy Spirit

that is showered on each of us,

wells up in each of us,

gushes up around us,

and emanates from people and things around us

for free

is the

Fundamental Foundation


The Good News



The Christ.

Our Optimally

Receiving, Growing, and Repeating


Cheerfully and Joyfully and Lovingly

to every






Then sharing step number two of God’s Guidelines that will help with those we are reaching out to from the cheerful and joyful foundational fundamental step of LLJJ is good.  Sharing God’s Guidelines without the foundation of LLJJ is shooing and scaring, not selling.

We need to keep Locked Down and Centered and Glowing in LLJJ very much as we stop and reverse the States foray into trying to edit The Word of God and God with regards to the Foundational Fundamental word in The Word of God, Marriage.

Calling to Christ’s Love in Christ’s Love has to remain First and Foremost and Foundational or else we are false and fruitless.

Each person who counters us in this work of Rectifying Marriage are potential recruits for Jesus.  They are not things.

God will win.  Remain Cheerful.

One thing that came to me recently is that often I’ll hear the assertion that Jesus was quiet on the Marriage topic.  Not so.  See the entirety of Matthew Chapter 19.  In the Jerusalem Bible, a male and a female are in italics during Jesus’ definition of marriage in versus 5-9 and later, in the same chapter, Jesus guides us away from Adultery which is copulation outside of Marriage.  The point of those pushing Marriage redefinition is contained in this Chapter 19 of Matthew.  They want to change Chapter 19 of Matthew by making choosing homosexual copulation something within the bounds of Marriage which then would not be considered Adultery.  They seek to seem for God to guide us towards choosing homosexual copulation by placing it within one of God’s Foundational and Cherished Formulas, Marriage, while it is clear that God guides us away from choosing homosexual copulation.

This is a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America, a violation of the separation of Church and State, and a Theft of Intellectual Property.

A new formula requires a new name just like in Soda Pop or Prescription Drugs.  Civil Union or Mated would be OK.  Not all formulas are called Coca Cola or Advil and The Word of God deserves equal or more protection for God’s Formula, Marriage.

Marriage is God’s Intellectual Property clearly defined for thousands of years predating all governments extant.

I pray for Kim Davis and all of the photographers and wedding cake makers who are being assaulted for sharing and following God’s Guidance.

I pray for rectifying Marriage and making The Word of God clear again.

And mostly I pray for Cheerful and Joyful sharing of the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus with as many people as we can while breathing today.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit as well as Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Your Guardian Angel, Saint Sebastian, Saint Louise, all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints now, now, now, and still now.