“Tony, at the birth of every grandchild, your mother’s life gets 5 years longer!”

This quote of our father about our mother captures her success at Christ’s call to live with a child’s joy, love, playfulness, purity, and beauty. Christ’s example and call to love everyone in a self effacing, servant’s manner, was well followed by our mother.

Mom’s ongoing ability to keep away from being overtaken by the desires of the world allowed Holy Spirit to fill her to overflowing. Her resulting high spirit inspired so many, and led so many to adore her. We’ll hear many examples of mom’s good spirit during our gathering. I focus here on the root.

I do share one example of mom’s joy here. One dark night, in the apartment over the Donovan & Fallon Rexall at Hampton Beach, all my sisters and brother and cousins along with our Grandmother Helen were around the table with candles during a power outage. It had been several hours with no power and my mother, with a large grin stood up, waved the flashlight, and declared, “Let there be light!” At once the lights came on! Cackling ensued for years.

My mother was an imp. My mother was Christ’s imp. My mother was our imp. My mother’s joy was to instill joy in others.

It’s hard to talk about my mother without talking of my father. It’s hard to talk about my father without talking about my mother. It’s hard to talk about my parents without talking about Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the Holy Angels, all the Holy Saints, and our Catholic Church. Mom had a great mom but her dad was otherwise. Mom relied on her mom and our heavenly father along with extended family and The Church to nurture and raise her. Out of this other than ideal parent scene, our mother, with our father, rooted in Christ, were great parents to us. We are so grateful and blessed.

Mom pulled for the underdog and was forever David like, never worrying about the size of the Goliath taken on. nuclear power industry, Philadelphia Flyers, and school boards didn’t daunt. Mom always had faith and always took the long odds horse, sometimes literally. Mom always prayed for us and had our back.

I thank you so much consoling our family and joining us to celebrate the bright eyes, the bright smile, and the bright love of our mother. I call on us all to recognize mom’s was a co-operative endeavor with our dad and Creator Christ as we hear of in Romans 8:28. Mom’s spirit and Christ’s Spirit dwell in each of us. We are blessed with having been shined on. Are you game for keeping this gorgeous flame alive and growing?

Imp up!

In closing I share with you how people great each other in Ireland. I spent 8 months there on a college exchange and summer work bit which was a joy for my parents. They visited me a couple of times. I studied Gaelic while I was there. When people walk up and great each other, the first will say, (phonetically) “Geer Whitch!” The next will say, “Geersmurdigitch!” And if there is a third joining the group, they will say, “Geersmurdigitch es phadrich es phoedrich.!” What that all means is “Jesus be with you!” “Jesus and Mary be with you!” and Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be with you!” I wish these blessings on you.