Like so many, I am distraught by the abuse of children by adults.  Tough stuff totally.

The sad thing is that those taking advantage of children in copulation are not gaining anything.  They are seduced by Satan to gain a quick thrill but are consumed for most of their life with how to get these very limited thrill blips that are not even that much fun.

It is not worth it for them.  Not all the lies.  Not all the power abuse.  Not all the hiding.  Not all the violence.  Not all the terror.  Not all the anger.  Not all the chaos.  Not all the cover up.  Not all the scheming.  Not all the confusion.

There is no gain for the perpetrator.

So why do they pursue this awful disconnected copulation forcing themselves on children or those otherwise of lesser power?

Satan seduces.

Satan tantalizes with things that only seem attractive.

They are shiny & hollow & enslaving & devestating.

Yes, the church did all the wrong things 20 years ago trying to cover things up.  When this blew up then, I worked to have a party who had been involved with the coverup be removed via a canon law case.  I was buoyed and remain buoyed by Christ and His Church in the best sense of the term as the People of God on the ground where the rubber meets the road in charismatic things like Cursillo.  As wrong as the church organization and hierarchy was being, Christ Alive in People Here Now allowing Holy Spirit to Lead and Act is still the Main Thing Christ Yearns for and Builds.

It is a bit heartening to know that of all the groups that you can look at, priests, pastors, coaches, teachers, etcetera, priests have actually one of the lowest percentages of abusers in their midst.  Of course this is not an excuse but something for reference.

Anyways, my hope for life and for this Best Love site is to sell people on how much more totally awesome the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus is than the myopic, limited, enslaving, impoverishing, satanic, disconnected copulation of rape and pedophilia.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Your Guardian Angel, Saint Thomas, Saint Anne, all the Holy Angels and all the Holy Saints.