I only know the big dipper as far as constellations go, but I love looking at the stars, particularly on the dryer nights with no moon when we can see lots of stars and into the Milky Way.  When coming home on a starry night I’ll often spend a few minutes in awe at the “big ocean”  of space splayed out around us that we float in.  A few nights ago when the Milky Way was visible clearly and I enjoyed my few minutes gandering and gathering in the flag, I decided to go back out and kneel on the deck and spend some time praying to Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit with arms outstretched and eyes up.

The entirety of our Creator God’s Creation is the ultimate shiny crystalline beauty.  Better than any diamond or dress.  Perspectives of this are available at all kinds of scales and locations.  Our hands, a drop of water, a flower petal, a snow flake, an Autumn leaf, horizon views, eyes, and a clear night sky.  It was a great time with God our Parent, Jesus our Brother, and Holy Spirit our Breath.

Looking into the night sky helps me to get the perspective on the big picture and so calm down, lessen fear, know that we are Loved with the Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus, LLJJ, breath deeper, and let go of “know.”  I spent a lot of time praying for my wife and multitude of illnesses and traumas she is navigating, some past, some present, some lingering.  I also prayed for guidance on how to assist Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit and for continuing to clean up my act so as to be a better host for Jesus per 2 Corinthians 13:5 and additionally so as to be able to receive more of the spiritual gifts or Charisms and then be able to assist Christ more.  I think a lot of how to help achieve the Goal of God sharing the Good News of LLJJ to the ends of the earth and getting all in a co-operative relationship per Romans 8:28 laid out in The Jerusalem Bible.  I also think a lot about oaring in and assisting with the ongoing Creation of Creation to the best Wishes of our Creator.

Overall it was a really interactive and loving prayer session with our Creator Christ.  I felt really connected to more of Creation than I usually see and felt so much that our Creator has it in control and I need not try my feeble flailing at attempted control.  I think that the point of the Garden of Eden story is not that it is one of the sexes fault for us having life’s challenges, but that we need to know that we don’t know anything but for the Love of Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit for each person and all of Creation.  The rest is mystery.

Another big thing about praying in the big perspective is that it is a great antidote to the pounded pressure panic that we are thumped with our media and #PropagandeistPress which pushes us us to fear each other as less than human beings, be a pawn pushed to who they want us to be,  and dive into despair.  Praying in the Milky Way overwhelms us with the Beauty of Creation & It’s Unfolding along with the Love of Creation for each person and portion.

Beauty abounds!

I started to kind of feel like I was floating in the Milky Way of God’s light.

And I did get the fun thought that I think of on a starry night of surfing the earth.  Oftentimes when I get out of the car on a starry night and am gandering up, I’ll crouch down and hold my arms out as on a surfboard and surf the earth through space.  This time I was surfing on my knees.

God the Father did bless me with a shooting star towards the end of the prayer.

I Love You and so does Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit along with Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Augustine, Saint Theresa of Avila, Your Guardian Angel, all the Holy Angels, and all the Holy Saints.