That we kill a three thousand people a day in the United States of America and one hundred thousand people a day worldwide is one of the heaviest burdens I find in life. We self inflict a 9/11 on ourselves daily. Obviously words have a huge part in this. Classifying the person killed as something other than a person is key.

The only salve that I have to keep me breathing is that God is very forgiving.

However God Directs and, if we do not follow God’s Directives, God Acts and it is not usually that pretty when God Acts to Correct a wrong.

Belly Babies is a move to help personalize people in their mother’s wombs. So far it is a series of bumper stickers. The bumper stickers read:

  1. Belly Babies Feel the Pain.
  2. Belly Babies Like & Love
  3. Belly Babies Love to Dance.
  4. Belly Babies Hear, See, Be.
  5. Belly Babies Be Beautiful
  6. Belly Babies Be People Too

Soul starts at conception. Life starts at conception. Killing is killing.

Stop killing kids.

People are people inside and out.

This convenience is killing we.